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Interview w/ Raymond Zanni || All Things Real Estate – E46

In Episode 46 of All Things Real Estate, Kyle is joined by Raymond Zanni, a mortgage broker from Accutrust Mortgage. Do you know the difference between a mortgage broker, lender, and credit unions or banks? Learn all of this and more in this episode of All Things Real Estate!

Welcome to All Things Real Estate! A weekly show hosted by Kyle Seyboth, #1 realtor in the country!

This show educates people about All Things Real Estate by discussing a different topic every week with a special guest. From mortgages, real estate investing to home insurance, we try to bring as much value to our viewer by sharing expert advice and real estate education by interviewing other professionals. Get educational real estate advice on this show!


1. Welcome Ray Zanni

2. What is the difference between using a mortgage broker and a credit union or bank? 1:00​​​​

3. What is it about mortgages that interests you? 5:22

4. What are the most common products that you use? 6:45

5. What is the minimum credit score? 6:53

6. What are your thoughts on this current real estate market? 9:50

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Kyle Seyboth

Kyle Seyboth is a real estate agent for Century 21.

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